Friday, August 12, 2011

Moby's Adobe

Is not on the South Side, it's in the Hollywood Hills and it's pretty rad.

Play gotta a lot of play from me in the 90's so its kind of neat to see where all that money from cd sales went.

The staircase in the guest house was restored by Frank Lloyd Wright's protege.

The house is called the Wolf's Lair named after the original owner L. Milton Wolf, a real estate developer and was built in the 1920's. It holds all sorts of crazy history as only a Hollywood house could boast a tiki bathroom, adult films shot around the pool and a Rolling Stone as a former resident.

Moby had the house restored and updated following the cues from the Gothic style.

The turret housed the original owner's pet monkey who would scream and call out and the sound would echo down the canyon.

Insane carved wood ceiling!

The sleek Danish furniture really allows the architecture to take center stage. Totally not my style but I like that he didn't do the heavy Old World style (not that he would, it is Moby after all) or get all POP! and mod.

Go here to the read the entire article about Moby and the house. Thanks NYTimes home section for another awesome profile.

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