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Nursery of the Week: Sixx Design

Cortney and Robert Novogratz of Sixx Design should know A LOT about nursery design considering they have 7 children of their own. Their designs are undeniably awesome, they always have the best art and offer ways to do art on a budget like custom wallpaper. I guess they have another show on HGTV, check it out and tell me if it is any good.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kalon Studios - Nursery Furniture

 This nursery furniture is the JAM! Haven't come across anything quite like it - thanks Kalon Studios for mixing the pot. Options are a designers (and clients!) best friend.
 Side table  -  It will run you $1495
 But remember that you can use the side tables in child's room well into their teenage years. These would even be cool for adults.

  The cribs are totally bad ass - for $895

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool without trying

 Remember those people in high school? There were only a handful, but at their core they were effortlessly cool and thus totally enviable. These rooms give the same vibe.

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Teenage Girls

I remember being about 13 or 14 and sitting in my all pink bedroom when one of my older brother's friends came in and remarked that my room was for a little girl. I was devastated. I loved the pink and white pinstripe balloon curtains, ballet pink walls and raspberry colored carpet. It was time for a new look though and so for my birthday I asked to have my room re-done. This time we did it in periwinkle, SO much less girly. What I would have given for one of these rooms.

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Nursery of the Week: Raspberry and White

 The raspberry color palette really ties it all together here. Adore the buffalo check on the chair and the polka dot crib bedding.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Can't Lose... the Emmy

So happy to see that Kyle Chandler got a well deserved and long overdue Emmy last night. Nice one Coach Taylor! Friday Night Lights I miss you so.
 UPDATE (9/21): LOOK!!!!! at what my college roomie just put up on FB. She got a last minute ticket to the Emmys, sat front row, RIGHT NEXT TO KYLE CHANDLER AND CONNIE BRITTON.

Barn Tour

Over the weekend we went on a "Barn Tour" in the old nabe. It was OUTSTANDING! Oddly, none of these barns had that eau de manure wafting through that we were treated to as youngsters when we were out there mucking stalls for 4H * need to find out their secret. We kept marveling that the lucky owners could have these spreads and then be only a 25 minute ride from downtown Denver.
Barn #1 was the Crown Jewel of the tour, all the wood was reclaimed from old barns in Montana and it was constructed in the North West Style.
 Such cool light fixtures that had push button switches (which I forgot to photograph)
 The grounds were immaculate and with all the Aspen, Evergreen trees and wild flowers it felt very Colorado.
 Barn #2
 Great rocking porch

 At Barn #3 I forgot to take pictures of the actual structure: I was distracted by the adorableness of the mini-horses and the beautiful owl and hawk from the Raptor presentation.
 Hooty Hoo

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rocky Mountain Showdown

I'll let you figure out which way I am leaning. Have a great weekend!