Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"My darling"

Million Dollar Decorators just premiered and it was mind blowing. They say "darling" a lot and it's fabulous. My favorite part when they were all sitting around eating guacamole. Check it - Bravo, obviously.

Turns out the guy who did this is on the show - it's Jeffrey Allan Marks.

I would be so worried about the boat FALLING ON MY FACE in the middle of the night that I don't think I could enjoy the room. Just me?

Hope the show keeps the spark it started with because this is what was missing in tv design shows.


Attended my college roomie'a wedding this weekend. Epic. So epic that there where helicopters and paparazzi all over the place. That's right, we are big time.
Might have had something to do with the fact that QB#1 of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo (Romo, not Tony Roma like the ribs - k?) was also getting married the same night about a block and half from where our friend's ceremony was. The security detail for Romo's wedding detained us and made us late for the wedding. Thanks a lot.

Stared at this wall for a long time - paralyzed by the choices.

Narrowed it down to these but couldn't pull the trigger. No room for boots in my carry-on.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Da pool

Hope you enjoy sipping something cold by the pool this weekend while looking oh so hot.

Oscar is a nice touch - don't you think?


In honor of our very favorite handy man/contractor/chandelier installer/mattress mover/babysitter while mommy works/owner and loaner of a huge, pimped out pickup truck and ultimate Hudson Baby fan we hope that your team wins this weekend!
Have fun in Baltimore.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snippets of wallpaper

Modern take on toile - look closely. That leather mirror is pretty rad.

Big, bold paisley.

On the ceiling
Behind an enclosed shower - please note the chair :)

Metallic Osbourne and Little in the dressing room at the Four Seasons
and then sea grass paper in the foyer

On the ceiling

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Campaign Chair

No I'm not switching careers into politics. I'm talking about this antique campaign chair that I inherited from my grandparents.
Campaign furniture is designed to be folded up, packed, and carried on the march during battle. It has been used by traveling armies since the days of Julius Caesar. Campaign furniture includes folding chairs, tables, and chests that could be easily unscrewed and packed.
It is pretty cool that the thing folds up like a modern day lawn chair but it is super heavy - like 40lbs. The leather is cracked and dried out and so it is never used as actual seating. The other day a friend and her kids stopped by and I turned around to see the little girl standing on the seat. I wasn't so much worried about the condition of the chair as I was about the little girl suddenly falling through and getting tangled in the base.

I had been talking about replacing the leather and was thinking of taking it in a totally unexpected direction by using like a black patent leather or purple leather or something. Yes, it will change the integrity of the antique but now it just sits there unused, waiting to trap little ones and that feels wrong.

After years of doing nothing and thinking about this "someday" project I came across these two images of campaign chairs that have been re-worked. Both are fantastic and have inspired me.

This chair is up for sale on Etsy! See it here.

Look at the lions holding the shield on the finials (?don't know what they are called) of the chair, it's so unique.