Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maternity for Mariah

If you were to look through my iPod you would see that "Honey" might be on the Recently Played list. I can't lie - it's a catchy tune for working out, but I am going to go ahead and give her music producers the credit on that one.

Miss Mariah is a wackadoo, straight up. A wackadoo with extravagant, glamorous, girly and yet traditional taste in design.
Her amazeballs closet! Mariah's episode of Cribs was one of my all-time favorites, until she decided to slip into the tub on camera with just a towel for modesty's sake. Awkward.

She and Nick Cannon just had twins, a boy and a girl named Morocco and Monroe. They are going to call them Roc and Ro. Seemingly perfect considering who their parents are.

As a diva who must play to her fans she thrust open the doors to her home (right after they handed her a fatty check) for an intimate photo shoot to showcase the nursery.

Very traditional and overall I say it's pretty good. My favorites: the curtains, the draped canopies over the cribs and the hot air balloon light fixture and Mr. Giraffe.

Really? Out of all the photos taken for the shoot this was the one they chose to publish. Her face says it all. Twins - in her belly.
Push present from papa Nick - frosty.

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