Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calypso at Target

Oh Calypso how I love thee! The whole eclectic, beachy, bohemian, relaxed glamour thing you have going on appeals to me on every level except the pricing. So, imagine how excited I was to hear that they would be doing a collection for Tarjay. I was especially jazzed after visiting the Calypso Home store in LA and seeing so many wonderful things.

And man did they put out an ad campaign for this one - I bet you have have been humming that jingle from the commercials where they talk about going to the plage. So French and tres, tres, tres chic (see Mom and Dad I do use my high school French)! There were even full page ads in my favorite mags.

On Monday night I had to make a Target run for some cold medicine and a bundt pan and so I steered the wheels of my cart towards the home section. Those silver poufs had caught my eye and I was thinking they would be great in a little girls room.

But this was all that was there. See that bottom row - that's where the poufs should have been, and those candles, they smelled kind of funky and not in a "let's get down tonight" kind of way. Quel dommage.

Don't worry though, I still had a full cart load of Target items. When I pulled up to the checkout, the checker (a teenage girl) started processing my stuff and then looked up at me and said "Kind of a random assortment of stuff." Now usually this would tick me off and kind of embarrass me as I like to think that when you are buying thing the sales people are not secretly passing judgment on your selections, apparently not true! BUT in this case I just replied back to her "Well, isn't that the evil genius of Target that you come in for one thing and end up with $100 worth of stuff you didn't need?"

As I crossed through those automatic double doors and into the parking lot I said a little prayer for my sister, who has two kiddos and not a Target in sight.


  1. i could barely detect any fragrance at all on the candles. someone reported on a blog that the poufs sold out online by 4am EST Sunday. if you didn't get to a store... my store had plenty at noon Sunday, but they're sold out now. i think a lot of people bought multiples, some just so they could resell on ebay for a ridiculous markup.

  2. Ack! 4am that is commitment. Wondering what the quality of the poufs was like?