Thursday, May 19, 2011


I don't think James Franco is the hotness but this picture almost persuades me. Freaks and Geeks was bueno. He sold his house last year for $3.3 million. When I saw the pictures I was totally surprised, the man has taste. Or, enough sense to hire a damn good designer.

Also, you should know this is his little brother. Cute.

Another thing you should know, that La Cornue Stove top/oven is like $30,000. Not a typo- $30,000.

My favorite room.

Lovely outdoor spaces.

Do you see it? The castle looking building in the background?

It's the Chateau Marmont. LIKE RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD! See those balconies to the left, those are the suites that people like La Lohan are always staying in.
Those are some noisy neighbors for $3.3 mill but I guess you can always pop over for a cup of sugar, or "powdered sugar" or "poppers". I've watched too much Entourage.

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  1. That interior is awesome. That kitchen- SWOON!