Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burberry Update

The paint is done! I could not be happier! Our paint crew is truly the best. We chose to do vertical stripes with Benjamin Moore AURA (low voc) colors. Not to mention the molding we added with a great contrasting black color.
Now you might be wondering about that space between the moldings, well stay tuned for the custom decorative element that will live in that space.

I told you there was great architectural details! Now they are enhanced with a shiny coat of black paint.

Here is a sneak peak of the decorative details that will live up in that space. We took alphabet letters from Joann's fabrics and had them sprayed with our colors. They will be mounted around the room in the space between the molding.
This is a great way to add some baby whimsy into a room without going cheesy!
More to come as furniture begins to arrive!

Burberry Nursery in Progress

This traditional burberry pattern is the inspiration for one of our current projects.

I wanted to share some progress on one of our current projects!
We have some amazing clients that have a beautiful Victorian home in the trendy highlands neighborhood.
This spring they are expecting twins, a boy and a girl!

When deciphering their color palette, we made a decision pretty quickly, I LOVE clients like this!!!
Tips on choosing a color palette:
1. Look around your exisitng spaces, what colors are there? Why are they there? Do you like them? Do you see a pattern in your style?
2. Use these as a jumping off point. You want your nursery to be a space where you feel comfortable.
3. Try combining some colors from various areas of your life.

We decided to use the colors from the traditional burberry pattern as our palette. How cute!
Our approach is a traditional mix that is gender neutral. Hopefully, you will see this emerge as the project moves forward.
The obstacles for this space are:
1. Twins in a pretty tight room, the space is about 11'x10'!
2. Navy carpet that is staying.
3. An extra door leading to a hallway
4. A closet with crazy slopes because it is under a staircase.
5. Storage!!!! (as in there isn't any).

The already great parts of this space are:
1. Great architectural details, (we will be adding more).
2. 9' ceilings
3. Awesome clients!

Here are some before pics:

Here is that pesky extra door, stay tuned to see how we solve this "obstacle".

Closet under the stairs

The Guest room, soon to be nursery for twins!
Stay tuned for some progress photos!

Favorite product!

Okay, so today's post is the first of many of my favorite things found along my journey of motherhood. While this is not the most glamorous of products, it is GREAT!!!


These little saline wipes have come in handy in the past week as my little family has been battling various illnesses.
They are great for boogies, eyes, cleaning binky's and all sorts of things!

You can find them at Target in the baby aisle.

Here is a pic of my poor little man with his favorite wipes.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

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We are published!

Hudson Baby Design was asked to write an article about unique nursery design for the debut issue of The Expectant Mother's Guide to Denver!

Check it out:

Remember, design lessons in this article can be applied to most spaces in your home. Be creative!


Welcome to Hudson Baby Design's blog!

In this blog, ( I have never blogged before) I hope to inspire you to surround yourself with spaces you love.

While I specialize in nurseries and children's rooms, I am trained as both a residential and commercial designer. So, the principles of design that I will hopefully be sharing with you can be applied to any space.

First things first:

I was born and raised in Colorado. I love it here! Although I have been really wishing for a beach vacation as of late :)
When I was growing up, my mother ran a design firm out of our home so I grew up on construction sites and meandering through design show rooms. This life of creating beautiful spaces for other people was the norm around our house! It was not until after I finished college that I realized how much I missed it.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in communications and business administration from The University of Denver and a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Art Institute of Colorado in Interior Design where I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

I have been fortunate enough to study and live in Charleston, SC and San Francisco , CA as well as the incredible experience of being able to call the MV Explorer and 11 different countries home for 100 days on Semester at sea.

My extensive travel is what really catapulted me back to my love for interior design. I can only describe my experiences as "awakenings" in each corner of the world that I have been to, people are always striving to create a comfortable place to live, a home.
While homes around the world are categorically different, the core values that go into creating a home are the same; comfort, functionality, and personal style. No matter how much one person has or does not have, everyone needs a home that speaks to them.

SO, how did I come to specialize in nurseries and children's design you ask?

This all came about when I was forced to leave my amazing job at Paula Bennett Design to go on bedrest when I was 14 weeks pregnant with my son.

As the months of being in bed (aka on the couch) for 20 hours per day, I spent countless hours on my laptop searching and searching for just the right things to put in my son's nursery.

How frustrating!!!!!!!!!!
I could not find anything that I liked for boys that didn't have a truck or a cow or some goofy character on it. No offense to those trucks and cows and characters out there, but not exactly what I was looking for.

As the search went on, I decided to have the bedding, draperies, glider chair and shower curtain custom made. I love it!!!!!!!!!! However, this search led me to think about the lack of options out there for busy parents who are trying to fill their child's room.

As I prepared to go back to my job, I felt very torn. I loved my job, but I also loved being with my son. I made the decision to help other people create beautiful spaces for the most important room in their house for the most important inhabitants, the kids!

I feel truly fortunate to have this opportunity because I truly love what I do. It is the perfect combination of the loves in my life, my family and design.

Hudson Baby Design was launched in 2009 and named after my son, Hudson.