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Come as you aren't

I'm all for dressing up but maybe it's as easy as a mask and some awesome lighting for Halloween this year.

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More from Kalon Studios

These are rad.  Hut Hut stools from Kalon for $125. The can be used a couple different ways and rock back and forth promoting balance for kids.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

City Stop: Seattle

The dahlias at Pike's Market were insane - these huge arrangements for only $5, $10 or $15
The window display at All Saints is so clever - vintage sewing machines displayed in rows that rise almost 10ft vertically
Neat interiors at the restaurant where we ate brunch
I'm on a Boat!
Do you think they sell these in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue? I really want one customized.
Went to Seattle. Stayed Here. Ate here and here. Took this tour. Witnessed this slaughtering - I guess we are still rebuilding. Need to go back to the city for a more design oriented trip.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Too cute to Spook

Really need to get my Halloween decorations out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hudson Baby Design: Sailing Away in Lone Tree, CO

A before shot of the room
One of our latest nursery projects is finished! We just completed a very soft and soothing nursery for a baby boy in Lone Tree, CO. The room was inspired by some folk art paintings the couple owned (see below) that became our jumping off point for a casual nautical theme. First thing we did was paint - that completely transformed the room and did wonders to lighten up the space. A light blue color went on the ceiling and the walls received a creamy white, this helped to accentuate the moldings and height of the ceiling. This was one of the larger rooms we have worked in which allowed us to go up a size for the dresser/changing table area thus providing coveted counter space. Next to that is a comfy glider and convienant foot stool with hidden storage.

The two folk art paintings on the right provided the inspiration for the room
A pair of nautical sconces went in on either side of the crib allowing for adjustable lighting options for the new parents. The painting above the crib was a last minute find that ended up being the perfect fit!

A soft, flat weave cotton rug in cream and blue was layered on the carpet.
The window treatments are where we brought in some color with a fun bright yellow chevron pattern used on the roman shades and at the base of the drapes for the large window.

This fantastic bookshelf is actually a converted shipping container! It's a totally unique piece that really pops against the creamy walls and was a spot where personal items could be incorporated into the room. We are so pleased with how this turned out and really enjoyed working with the parents to be, we can't wait to meet baby boy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pink Portal

Pink is everywhere it being October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For our own little tribute: a series  of one of my all time favorite accents - the pink front door! Oh, to have the balls to execute this in real life.

Funny story, I actually sourced this house during my casting days at HGTV (way back when) and we shot it for our show.   Hollywood Regency was at its peak in the design world and this home epitomized that style (of course it was in Palm Springs). The couple that owned it were incredibly kind and gracious but I remember the crew coming back and being totally awestruck, we had never shot anything like this before.  A couple months after our shoot it showed up in a Metropolitan Home magazine (RIP) and at that time our show hadn't even edited or placed the piece yet. That's what they call being scooped!