Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pendleton Woolen Mills

The weather is finally starting to turn around these parts after being in the 80's even the HIGH 80's for the past month. Most were complaining that it didn't feel like fall. Well, you got your wish people it's time to break out that extra blanket. I steered clear of wool blankets forever but they hold the most heat and so my interest is peaked. Enter Pendleton.
The Apache leader Geronimo - Pendleton's first celebrity customer.
A vintage Pendelton advertisement
The contemporary take on traditional designs are awesome. Updated color options and the graphic designs make a spectacular focal point.
 The company has been around since 1909 when the Bishop family opened a mill in the Oregon frontier town of Pendleton. Their specialty - weaving Jacquard design Indian blankets. The company tradition of creating individual blanket designs for American Indian tribes continues today.

 In 1932 the Pendleton company provided 4,000 blankets for participants at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
Lucille Ball famously sported a Pendleton jacket in an episode of  "I Love Lucy" and 1955 - Pendleton was a founding tenant in Disneyland's Frontierland.

As much as the brightly colored Native American designs appeal to me I am sucker for the National Parks line.
The Glacier Blanket has been really popular in interior decorating lately because of the simplicity of the design.

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