Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pink Portal

Pink is everywhere it being October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For our own little tribute: a series  of one of my all time favorite accents - the pink front door! Oh, to have the balls to execute this in real life.

Funny story, I actually sourced this house during my casting days at HGTV (way back when) and we shot it for our show.   Hollywood Regency was at its peak in the design world and this home epitomized that style (of course it was in Palm Springs). The couple that owned it were incredibly kind and gracious but I remember the crew coming back and being totally awestruck, we had never shot anything like this before.  A couple months after our shoot it showed up in a Metropolitan Home magazine (RIP) and at that time our show hadn't even edited or placed the piece yet. That's what they call being scooped!

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