Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saucy Storage

Betsy Burnham Design

I have painted some furniture in my day. You will notice there haven't been too many other "project" posts like this lately, that is because it takes a lot of time and loads of patience. So the fact that somebody tackled these two beauties is kind of mind blowing. It also makes me think I should get back in the game. Sheridan French was inspired by the blue and red Union Jack dresser in Betsy Burnham's daughter's room. So much so, that she wanted one of her own so she took an existing piece in her house and HAND PAINTED the pink and orange version you see above.

 This one is cool too (not painted, but detailed) I would pair it in a totally unexpected way with a bright wall color or wall paper, perhaps the way Miles Redd did - see below.

Not for everyone, I know, but I think it is insanely good.
You could just buy it already painted. This piece was recently on sale at One Kings Lane

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