Monday, October 3, 2011

Virtual Therapy - Emotional Bag Check

Honestly, last week was not so good. To overcome the general yuckiness I did what any normal human being living in the year 2011 does; I took my problems online to perfect strangers. Emotional Bag Check was my savior. It was like a therapy session with out the patient sign in and co-pay. I fell into the "Check Your Baggage" genre so I typed up my problems and it was virtually carrier pigeoned out into the universe for a stranger to read. Said stranger then assess your situation and come up with song to send you. My baggage must have been worse than I thought (!), because I got several responses. See my fav below. Full Disclosure: Jay Z is on my 25 most played list on my iTunes. Oh, and I am doing much better now :)

Hi there! Someone read the message you left on and suggested you listen to the song "Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Top 7 @ 7)", by Jay Z, which you can hear at this URL:

They also sent you this message:

Wow, what a terrible week!  Sorry about everything,  I decided to send you a Jay-Z song.  I find that listening to Hova puts me in touch with my inner badass, and makes me feel like I can overcome anything life might throw my way.  Hope it helps you get your swagger on!

If things are just ducky for you then, Congratulations! and perhaps you would be interested in playing therapist and reading some problems/assigning a song in the "Take that for you section".

Wishing everyone a HAPPY Monday!


  1. OMG....this is sooo interesting and cool. Is there a limit to the number of "visits" you can make??? I HAVE to check this out :)

  2. I don't know how many visits you can make or if they even limit you. At one point during the day they ran out of baggage! They needed more people to enter their problems because they had so many people wanting to help. That's when I bit the bullet and checked in.