Monday, September 19, 2011

Barn Tour

Over the weekend we went on a "Barn Tour" in the old nabe. It was OUTSTANDING! Oddly, none of these barns had that eau de manure wafting through that we were treated to as youngsters when we were out there mucking stalls for 4H * need to find out their secret. We kept marveling that the lucky owners could have these spreads and then be only a 25 minute ride from downtown Denver.
Barn #1 was the Crown Jewel of the tour, all the wood was reclaimed from old barns in Montana and it was constructed in the North West Style.
 Such cool light fixtures that had push button switches (which I forgot to photograph)
 The grounds were immaculate and with all the Aspen, Evergreen trees and wild flowers it felt very Colorado.
 Barn #2
 Great rocking porch

 At Barn #3 I forgot to take pictures of the actual structure: I was distracted by the adorableness of the mini-horses and the beautiful owl and hawk from the Raptor presentation.
 Hooty Hoo

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  1. Sad we missed this :( looks fab!!!! thanks for sharing