Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Action

Hope you've taken your heart medication dearies as you are about to take a looksie at our modus operandi from yesterday.

We started out sourcing/scouting and then some paperwork and filing.

Then we headed over to Framed Image to scope some art. Sadly, the piece we wanted had sold but we exchanged info and moved on. A quick trip through the BK drive-thru for iced vanilla coffees and we were on our way.

Destination : Ikea. For those interested in the details, there was traffic getting there, a guide stationed just about every 5 feet but we found a spot quickly and once inside the crowd thinned out. This was at 4:00pm on a Tuesday - I make no promises for the weekend.

We got technical and mapped out some closet options.

Decided we liked the shapes, sturdiness and dimensions of this line of furniture.
See the little cubbies for storage?

And about here, in the lighting department is where I started to see white spots. Yes, it could have been the reflection of the light bulbs but it felt more like double-vision, thus we exited.

We picked up dinner. Brothers, if you haven't been go, and if you have been, go back.

You saw the bag, I know you are dying to know what we purchased. Here it is, it's a two-year old. I believe they call this model the Hudsonlerferserberggerrelikkenschoden.

After dinner, it was back to the office for some Auto-Cad. Our newly acquired pant-less advisor pointed out we needed a better ratio of circles to squares. The force is strong in this young one.

And then, it was quittin' time. But not really. A phone call, a text exchange and some pillow planning (those are non-billable hours where you re-arrange furniture and imagine fabric combos before falling asleep) and the day was done.

The End.

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  1. OMG....HYSTERICAL!!!! Love you guys...and love the work you do and are doing :) keep at the hard, beautiful work stylin' spaces :) xoxoxo