Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favorite Product ! Rody

Oh Rody, you are just so stinkin' cute and at $49.99 you can't really go wrong.
Made in Italy of latex-free vinyl, this cheeky little guy is super strong and durable.
He is noted for promoting balance and coordination through exercise.
Therapist use him for vestibular stimulation - the foundation for skills such as language, memory, running and jumping, all those important things you want your little one to do.
Are you noticing all the cute colors that he comes in? How could you decide which to go with?
Recommended for ages 2+, Rody comes in in larger size Rody Max which indicates he is for ages 5+ - I hope that plus means you can add any number of years.
There is also a base that you can purchase for like $35 making it more of a rocking horse and a bit more stable for those little, little ones.

Rody's other pal in the corral is Gyffy the Giraffe.

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