Friday, August 17, 2012

Trippin': SoCal

 The new travel diary = Instagram. A few snaps from the trip.
Viva La Fiesta!
 Make sure to get a visit to Lotusland in during your lifetime. The Madame knew her gardens and led a fascinating life. They only let 15,000 visitors in a year so make a reservation and note that there are special family tours for the kids.

Bottega Louie in LA. Fantastic food, unbelievable atmosphere and some of the most exquisite treats I've ever seen, it's really loud with all that marble but you will survive. Go.
 My french macaroons were scrumptious and the color combo of the three together was totally an "Ah Ha!" moment.
These  papers are too pretty to use only once for gift wrapping, I think they would really add a lot of pizazz when used in the back of a bookshelf.
 School starts next week, can you believe? Still completely in summer mode except when confronted with this leather jacket. Sadly it stayed in the store.

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