Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shop the Kids Department

Next time you are in the kid's department and in a rush with no time for a quick "mom treat" take a second look at some the offerings in the accessories area. Lots of cute stuff you can purchase for your little and "borrow" plus the prices are less than what they charge in the measures above 48 inch section of the store.
On a budget but need some flash, the jeweled collar from JCrew will get your there for $48.50. Jeweled collars are big for fall. (love me some F21 but they should really label that stuff as one time only use)
 Need to add some glam to your everyday - how about this Glitter Tote from CrewCuts for $59.50 proportions are right on and it will still hold all your big girl essentials, measuring in at 8x11.

Pretty sure we all rocked the slap bracelet at one point or another in our youth until school's banned them. Feeling nostalgic grab a slap watch from Nordstrom for $16, that's cheaper than having a watch battery changed these days.

(you might be thinking there is no way these will fit my head but they were even a little big. Trust)

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