Monday, February 25, 2013

My two cents - Oscar fashion

 Killed it!
Some argued she looked like a superhero - she IS a superhero. 75 years old. 
"One, two, three, four
Get your booty on the dance floor.
Work it out, shake it little momma
Let me see you do the Jane Fonda
 That bright yellow stood out amongst all the nude and black.

 Sadly missing from the telecast and red carpet were two incredibly talented ladies with some serious fashion pow. Cate Blanchett - your absence did not go unnoticed.

 And Helen Mirren. Talk about a role model for some these younger actresses she is blessed with skill and nuance on the screen and is always spot on in her fashion choices.

And one of my all time favorites Reese in Valentino - the dress of my dreams! Perfectly executed from the hair to the handbag. Circa 2002.

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