Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gather Round

Grouping all your faves together - a gallery wall is hard to beat when done right. Hang your frames at eye level, not too far below or above leaving at least 12 inches of wall to the ceiling. Space your pieces so there is about 2-3 inches between frames. Use frames that are similar in style, they don't all have to be the exact same.  Notice that just one thing unites the gallery in all these examples like below they are all black frames of various widths, sizes and mattings. Keep it interesting! Add other items like small mirrors and decorative objects that give more dimension. And if it all scares you then grab a piece of transparent paper and outline the frames and cut to size, tape it to the wall, and continue this process with all the frames until your whole gallery is hanging on the wall in paper. Adjust the arrangement to fit your liking, peeling the tape as you go. Once it looks right add the nails,  hang the frames over the paper and then pull the paper down ripping the nail hole.

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