Monday, February 11, 2013

Do you Juju?

The Juju hat is found throughout the Cameroon, and is worn by prominent members of society, as well as the Juju dancers in West Africa of the Bamileke tribe. The intricate design of the feathers is sewn onto a tight raffia base and covered with wood and cloth material. They are also known as Cameroon headdress and Jojo hats. 
This type of weave is a painstaking process, and the way it neatly folds is rather remarkable. The Juju hat is evidence of a fine, unique and skillful weaving from West Africa using old world techniques. Each hat is made by a group of up to four artisans and takes a couple of days to make.
These are Authentic hand made hats sourced directly from the Bamileke tribal artisans in West Africa who have been weaving the hats for generations avoiding any suppliers which ensures that they get a fair price for their excellent craftsmanship.   

The hats run about $300-$400
Love the textural pizazz it adds
They have been popping up everywhere in design lately, even running a little trendy but...
They are just so awesome

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