Friday, February 17, 2012

On Demand Design

Surprise! Our client had her baby 4 weeks early, so... we had a late night session last night trying to put as much of the room together as possible. Felt like an HGTV shoot without the breaks for time code. This started out as a gender neutral room because the parents wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise. The plan was to return AFTER the baby was born (we thought we had another couple of weeks :) tailoring the plan to suit either a boy or a girl.
 See the pink? ITS A GIRL!!! Eau de spray paint wafted in the cold, winter, night air.
Brain power and reading comprehension skills were tested whilst assembling furniture.
Thank god for technology! Was able to confirm I was indeed purchasing the right dimmer from the hardware store.
Makeshift color swatch used to buy all the spray paint.
Final pictures to come, you know once we finally get the crib, bedding, drapes, rug, etc. We are REALLY excited for Baby Girl and her family and for the room!
Bon Weekend!

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