Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guide to Giving: Tots, Kids, Little Ones

It's not really about what to buy that kiddo in your life- it's what not buy! Everything is so stinkin' cute that it is hard to resist swiping everything up. Here are just a few suggestions if you are looking for something for a youngin'.
The Elf on the Shelf Book is a huge phenomenom and is a fun activity for the whole family.
The Eco Play mat $31.49 can just be used as a floor covering or when cars and blocks are added it can transport the kids to a whole other world.
It seems anything with wheels will grab the attention of a little boy the Kid O Go Car Blue $8.99 is made for 1+ and we love the rounded handle on top.
With all the adorable clothes out there for tots some seem to be borrowing a little too much adult inspiration. The Bon Bon Red John Johns $60 take me back to a more traditional time when kids dressed as kids!
And the cordoroy pink Garden Princess Dress $48 reminds me of the dresses we wore as children. Adding the monogram will really show that you were thoughtful about the gift.

How about some super durable dinnerware for when the plate if flung across the room.
Teach them to be tidy at an early age with the Animal Swing Lid Can $11.99 they will enjoy tossing things in the trash.
Britt had giant cardboard box left over when her gliders were delivered and Hudson had a blast making the box in his own little playhouse. Guarantee the Corrugated Playhouse $29.99 would light up some faces.
OH MY GOSH! Do you think think the Pink Silly Sole Baby Shoes $38.50 come in adult sizes?

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