Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Rant: Dudes are hard to shop for

All right I have to admit something. The items listed in the guide to giving for guys on this here bloggy will not be making it under my tree this year. In a dream world the fellas in my life would tear open the package and beam at me saying "how did you know?" with their light filled eyes and toothy smiles, but frankly the items are too designy for my crew and would be met with blank stares. I just spent the last two hours on the road in the snow, during rush hour, going from store to store looking, and looking, and looking and looking, and looking! You know where I am going here. I walked away with nothing. The other problem is that what the guys do like is $$$$$$ or they don't even tell us what they want and when you get them something else they open it, look at it and set it aside and you can tell its gonna be circulated in a different gift circle next year.

The ladies are so much easier to shop for, I mean my mom and sister are always telling me just to buy 3 of everything so that we all have the same fun stuff because we share tastes and styles. And when you go out to the stores looking for gifts for ladies my own private monologue is something like this "Cute. Cute. KEWT. Super cute. Adorbs. Cha- ching and done." I leave the store bag in hand and mission accomplished.

So all I have so far is this tshirt and while it is sweet and the dudes will like it my shopping is not complete and I am back to square one. All right rant over.

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