Thursday, November 11, 2010

Navy Nursery, Bed Rest and Veterans Day

Just stopped by Brit's to say hi as she is resting up. As I was walking in the painter was on his way out and so I got a sneak peek at the twins nursery. The walls are an amazing dark blue, Old Navy by Benjamin Moore. Kind of reminded me of this nursery and since it is Veterans Day something red, white and blue seemed fitting.

Learned a little lesson about Veterans Day today and how the holiday ended up on November 11th. During WWI the opposition came together in talks and decided that on 11/11 at 11:11am fighting would cease. Word spread to the soldiers and they in turn saved up their ammo, the 11th ended up being a terribly gruesome day as each side was fighting for every last inch in a bid to gain territory. Thank you to all that have fought for our country and those that are still in the field.

UPDATE: This is what the wall color looks like up in the finished room.

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  1. Love that sailboat print! Where did you find it???