Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smelly... But in a good way

They say that fragrance is personal and I couldn't agree more but today you will get a little sampling of some proven winners from the wide world of fragrance. This list has taken a long time to compose. Many $dolla$ bills were handed over, noses were wrinkled in disgust and majority of these quests for the perfect scent were failures and I left empty handed or ended up tossing the purchase after its trial run.When diffusers first burst on the scene I was obsessed. They were poised to take the place of the scented candle craze. You know things have become generic when Glade starts ripping off scents to sell in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store.

These diffusers from Pottery Barn have proven to be sort of middle of the line and a decent size. Personally, I enjoy the paper white scent but I know that this can be a friendship ending debate as many feel that scent is WAAAY too strong. To each their own. PB offers a variety of flavors. They don't last too long and they come on strong the first couple of days and then fade out after about 2 months but the formula is balanced. Not cheap like the ones you find in the clearance aisle at Tuesday Morning and also not to alcoholy.

Due $80
When I am really feeling like a masochist I sniff out a speciality shop that carries Alora Ambiance. Justifying the $80 price tag just ain't in my playbook but this particular scent called Due appeales to me, it's ylang ylang, cucumber, basil and jasmine. RANDOM but it works. This is also the longest lasting diffuser I have ever encountered and the bottle is big.

Nest $32
This baby was burning at Rooms&Gardens and smelled delicious.

These days I almost fully re-committed to candles. They last longer and are easier. Plus, it seems that most of those odorous ones on the market have been corrected (or are on that aisle at Tues Morn.) Diffusers are probably not for people with small children or dogs with powerful tail capabilities who can spill the bottle of oil all over the floor, furniture, pillows, etc.
The high priestess of candles - Lime Blossom from Jo Malone $65

Voluspa products seem the most reasonable to me and the packing continues to knock me out. The new Laguna scent is yummy.

You know how they say scent is tied to memory well for anyone who has ever been into an Anthropologie store(I big pimp for them don't I? It's just that they are so good at what they do) would be able to connect that sensory observation. Still burning after all these years.

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