Monday, September 20, 2010


Hour 2.5 of shopping with a group, that one shopping partner that has low blood sugar is at the beginning of a sharp decline. Your $5 coffee beverage is nothing but too much ice and diluted drink. When the handles from your shopping bags are cutting into your palms, wrists and arms is when you thank your lucky stars for a place like Rooms&Gardens.

Cushy seating, clutch in times like these. And a retailer that doesn't shoo you away from the furniture or cluck in disgust that you brought your Starbucks into their store is gonna win major karma points.

Maybe it's all a part of their scheme. Once you are in the chair you start to notice the soft fabric and that the pattern is kind of soothing and then your eye wanders to the rest of the store. It is set up like you just walked into someone's house and it oozes that California casual vibe. A mix of antiques, original artwork, designer fabrics and outstanding merchandise displays have made Rooms&Gardens a"must see" instead of just an "emergency landing" during shopping with friends. Not to mention their customer service is outstanding, they are super friendly and incredibly patient with customers struggling to make a decision. If you need your whole house decorated they can do that for you too! The bad news there are only two outposts for this place - Santa Monica and Santa Barbara so next time you are in southern California drop in.

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