Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project: Map Cubes

Here is a peek at some custom art that we created for a room. We purchased these 8x8 artist panel cubes at the craft store.

Along with some metallic tissue, modge podge paste and foam brushes.

I googled some maps of Africa and printed them out on regular printer paper. I placed the artists cubes face down on the tissue, traced the square outline and then cut the tissue to that form. I painted a layer of modge podge on to the cube and very carefully placed the square of tissue on top, adjusting the alignment until it fit and then added another layer of modge podge. Let that dry while I cut the continent of Africa out the maps, covered the back of the cut out with the glue mixture, centered them onto the cube and then finished it off with another layer of paste.

It only took about 15-20 minutes for each layer of paste to dry and then I would paint on another to secure the map and create a sort of shellac. Modge Podge is available in two varieties, shiny and matte, we went with matte for this project. I think the shiny would have amplified all the little creases. To finish them out I painted to sides are charcoal grey, in hindsight I would have painted the sides first and then modged.

Forgot to take the final-final photo of all of them lined up but here are two finished cubes.

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