Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Same but different

 Yesterday we talked about doing a quick change with shams and a throw blanket. But how about a total room transformation with just a couple of swaps. Can it be done? Absolutely. A keen eye might have noticed in a couple of instances that one photo looks like the same room but different. Its all in the styling people and to keep it fresh for publications they have to change to look. This here is Aerin Lauder's closet/dressing room/office with the much coveted Gracie wallpaper (were talking $$$$) here. In the shot above the desk is pulled up to the window and a stool is off to the side.
Shot #2 of Aerin Lauder's closet/office. A chaise has been pulled up and a skirted side table with lamp added. The stool has been replaced with a lucite chair that has the seat covered in leopard. The mirrored dresser has been accessorized with another lamp and a tray. Biggest difference? The floor treatment - the carpet looks a totally different color and makes the wallpaper seem a shade darker and the curtains went from blue to green but the shape and trim are the exact same. Did they photoshop? I think it is the same room.

 Nursery shot#2 the crib skirt and some of the crib bedding are gone. The pouf and some toys have been added and the two chairs in the corner have been removed.

 Living room shot # the lamp, pillows, tables accessories and area rug were all changed out.

 Deborah Needleman's Bedroom. She has helmed a couple of our favorite design publications and I think they just use her bedroom as a set. Shot number one is a calm, neutral approach.

 Tori Mellon went for a total makeover in these two variations of her living room. 
 Take a close look though the daybed is the same shape just recovered and the matching side tables being used as a coffee table are the same.
Shot #1
 Shot #2
 And Shot #3
 In this office there are only slight changes, a pillow and one chair are different.

Did you notice this before? Seen an image and think - it looks REALLY familiar, but...
This is a great way to show you that you can make small changes around the house and it will have a big impact. You don't need to totally overhaul the house.

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