Tuesday, June 19, 2012

IPhone Dump: What I saw and What I liked, NY Edition

 Some great clashing combos

 The only thing that rivaled the window display at TopShop was the people watching

 These guys were SO BOMB. My one "coulda, woulda, shoulda" from the trip that I didn't snap up because I didn't have a mini cooler with me to transport them. Maybe its for the best, I don't think the penguins would have survived the heat in Denver this week (102 yesterday=abnormal).

 She must be a fan of Diorshow
 Doorknocker earrings in every single color combo
Takeaways: I could do this. You could do this. We all could do this - just paint some terra cotta pots.
 The overdyed rugs are deserving of their spot on the wall

Madeline Weinrib, The original, the lady that took a classic, tweaked it and made a trend (and pretty profit). Ikat, dhurries, and suzanis have never been the same.

Takeaways: Don't like your ceiling - stretch some fabric across some 2x2, staple it all together and suspend that thing.

Tory Burch

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