Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paris Street Market: July

On Saturday some friends and I headed over to the Paris Street Market in Littleton. The intention was to buy a bench for the garden but I came up empty handed. There was lots of Americana on display and a couple of other neat finds but my money stayed in my wallet.

These re-vamped chicken coups would make great storage in a laundry room or mud room.

I kind of wish that I had gotten one of these vintage ski area posters framed in the rough wood - would have been a great present for my brother. Totally reasonable at $40.

Uh, the turquoise jars. I hemmed, I hawed, I passed. I regret. They were so unique and everyone was stopping to check them out.

These were the find of the day and I can't believe we didn't get a card from the craftsman. These poured concrete side tables that were stamped with organic designs and looked very West Elm. For $60 they were a great deal and there were all different choices.

My celeb sighting for the weekend - Humpty Dumpty.

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