Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talk about Insidery! Lara Spencer Home Tour

Oooh, have we got the dish today. An entertainment reporter with a drop dead glamorous house. Lara Spencer, from "The Insider" and "Antiques Roadshow" moved to California and revamped a misunderstood modern into a fantastic tribute it deserved, there is even a circular couch and metallic wallpaper to boot. She likes the thrill of the hunt and many of her finds are from flea markets or picked up on eBay, etc. She was developing a new show called "Flea flip" a reality competition where contestants do their best to re image a flea market find into something great, but I haven't seen anything on the tube lately.

Her son's room. The comic artwork is excellent. I first saw something like those in, of all places, the lobby of Macys. And we are not talking Macys in NYC - nope the Macy's in the burbs.

Daughter's room


Hell yeah

High Five Lara Spencer - you did good.

That is one crazy, stepping-stone stairway. Totally awesome, but too many cocktails by the pool and you could go over the edge and end up in the neighbors succulent garden. Lara probably has stellar balance from teetering on high heels on the red carpet and yoga.
As much as I would love to brag that Lara invited me over for said cocktails to photograph her home I will shock you by telling you that is just not the case. This story was from the LA Times Home section.

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  1. I so believe that you got an invite...That staircase is awesome!!