Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My measly little pumpkins...

Stephanie's Brooklyn Limestone Halloweeen 2008

Got nothin' on Stephanie's Halloween theme decorating abilities. GIRL GOES ALL OUT! Stephanie of Brooklyn Limestone must have Martha shaking in her *black bottomed Christian Louboutin heels. *Did you know that Martha makes an intern take a Sharpie to those famous red soles and color them in because Martha thinks the red is obnoxious!
Back to Stephanie, she takes and theme and absolutely kills it. Can you imagine walking by this in your neighborhood, the kids (and the adults) must be dumbfounded. What really impresses me is that Stephanie doesn't recycle her decorations from year to year. Oh no, she gets the wheels turning in her genius decor mind and comes up with a new theme every year! Then she incorporates it into her exterior and interior decor and party theme. For shame lady! Plus, she works full time and I'm guessing she doesn't have a whole department at her disposal who can create and execute the projects. Amazing. If you haven't gotten hooked on her blog yet go over there now.

Brooklyn Limestone 2009

Brooklyn Limestone 2010

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