Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Art Appreciation

Kelsey with one of his pieces
 Instagram is killing me these days. Obviously I enjoy the visual side of life (as witnessed from blog full of pictures) which is why I gravitate towards this particular form of social media. Hard to remember how I found him but Kelsey Brookes has quickly become one of my faves and I eagerly await his posts.
 Following the process of how his art is created is fascinating. I guess he is currently preparing for a show and is knocking out pieces left and right. How? I have no idea. Look at the detail involved in creating a piece like the one above.
 Dude has mad motor skills, eye sight and patience.
 Kelsey is a former biochemist.
He spent a year in Australia surfing and living out of his car,  during that time he also took an interest in art.
 The Red Hot Chili Peppers tapped him to design to cover art for an upcoming release.

 San Diego is home these days but... he is originally from DENVER! Hey-oh!

 Officially a fangirl.

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