Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ready for Random

 Usually posts are planned. Not today - just a bunch of images saved along the way for one reason or another. This armoire, closet cabinet thing is pretty bad ass.
 Bright lipstick - hard to pull off. Probably a lot easier when you have PIERCING blue eyes. She was such a great unexpected guest star on Mad Men the last two weeks.
 Sometimes I wish that a few Denverites would have the stones to really go all out at paint their exteriors in killer color palette. They do not share the same wishes and we are left with blonde brick.
 Just a classic image that started the color coordinated bookcase fad. The apartment of Candace Bushnell (Sex&The City author) and her ballerina husband  (who I believe is now an ex?)
 This was actually a source affordable art that came in giclee prints in numerous larger sizes and now I can't find the source for it - dammit.
 Kantha quilts - wish they came in bigger sizes for the bed
A little leopard. Still trying to match the leopard fabric on one chair to re-upholster the seat of its mate. Impossible. This is close but who knows.
Patch work sofa :)

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