Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nursery of the Week: Girlish Glamour by Hudson Baby Design

This is a room all about texture from the ruffle curtains, the patchwork hide rug, the mirrored dresser, the embossed wallpaper on the ceiling, metallic linen on the drape box and silk bedding. We completed this room back in October for a very lucky little lady. Her parents wanted something neutral and sophisticated that worked with the rest of their European style decor.
We were able to use the existing paint color and add lots of textural and decorative elements. The sloped ceiling called for something unique and that ended up being this great paintable wallpaper with an embossed damask pattern that got a coat of goldish bronze paint. Two large mirrors were placed behind the crib and then an upholstered box was affixed to the ceiling with ruffle drapes hanging down mimicking the drapes across the way on the windows.

Even the artwork is a bit different as it is a photograph printed on canvas and then coated with epoxy giving it a sleek finish. Black was a stabilizing color pulled throughout the room from the curtain rods to the door handles and the bookcase hardware, etc. My favorite touch, those brass urchins above the crib!

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  1. Love this...calm and beautiful! another stylish nursery :)