Thursday, August 5, 2010

Favorite Product! Snack Trap

It has been a while since we have done a favorite product but this is a good one. Snack Trap, fun to say and functional. Made for Mom tells us that this nifty container was invented by Mom, Christine Moss.The "Snack-Trap" is an infant feeding product (designed for toddlers/kids ages 1-5) that minimizes wasted snacks and saves associated clean up time while promoting the development of self-feeding skills among infants. The colorful, tip-resistant cups have handles that allow toddlers to grasp the cup themselves. Each cup has a unique, patent-pending lid has slits that allow toddlers to see and retrieve food with ease. The lid automatically closes when the toddlers remove their hand. The product allows toddlers to feed themselves while helping to prevent spills when the cup is knocked, dropped, or thrown (as a result of a temper or just for fun). Convenient and portable, this product was named a "2005 Top 10 Hot Product for Moms & Babies" by American Baby magazine. Our 3-pack features new opaque colors and is dishwasher safe. Colors and styles may vary. BPA Free

Amazon 3 for $8.91

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